Photo Hunters: Original

This week theme is “Original”, the theme is confusing and it’s very difficult to configure out what’s for the original theme. I don’t know if this photo is original. This picture is the place of Elvis Presley in Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee.

Graceland-Elvis Presley’s Place. We visited here during my residence interview for US residency status. The place was so beautiful. Since was open for the public you can view the living room, music room, Elvis parents bedroom, dining room et cetera. There’s a spectacular display of Elvis awards and trophies. We also visited the Meditation Garden , where Elvis has been laid to rest.


Wordless Wednesday #22

Cebu Toaist Temple – Chinese Temple. This is located at Beverly Hills , Cebu City . If you want your fortune read and light joss sticks climb its 99 steps. You can see colorful and dragons, replica of the Great Wall of China . If you reach top you will see a perfect scenic view. There’s also souvenir shops. We stayed at the Waterfront Hotel. In the hotel you can play casino games in the lobby and they offer great foods.

Chinese Taoist Temple

Wordless Wednesday #21

Have you heard about blog awards? There are many different blog awards online like Rockin’ Girl Blogger. The awards are based on public votes with a set of criteria to be followed such as the content of information of your site, graphic design or the look, layouts or how it is organized, usability, or even functionality.

Explanation of these awards can be
found in my personal blog.

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Weekend Snapshot #3

Church of God , Mother Church . It is located in Cleveland , Tennessee . It’s my hubby’s Church and I considered it mine too. This Church is only one block away from our place. The church and its community commit to exalt God, to evangelize the lost, to edify and to equip the church for ministry.

North Cleveland Church of God
Picture Taken: September 23, 2007 at 5:04 PM

Photo Hunters: Paper

Shredded Paper in strip-cut. This is my photo hunt theme for this week. These are colored papers. I took pictures of it because I liked its combination. It’s like a rainbow or a pompom. There are a lot of things you can do with your shredded paper like pillow and gift stuffing; it can be a great hair accessory for your Halloween costume and it can be an excellent support in packing in breakables in boxes.

Shredded Paper