Wordless Wednesday #16

This is taken during our first visit with my hubby in Bukidnon. This is Lolo’s sugarcane farm. Dreams come true. You’ll see in this picture the first planted stalks and was harvested before summer last year. He is now waiting for his second batch to be harvested. Bukidnon , Philippines is the major producer of sugar and sugarcane.

Wordless Wednesday #15

After riding the parasailing with my hubby I tried it by myself. It’s really fun. Whew! I never thought I have guts to ride one of this. You should really try this while you’re still in Subic Bay . It’s more than riding a roller coater. Just imagine the thrill and the excitement.

Subic Bay Parasail

Sweet Pea

Father and daughter having their bonding. Sweet isn’t it? They said that my daughter is the exact replica of my hubby especially her forehead, skin and eyes. Do you agree? They were good buddies especially when I gave birth to my second child. They usually go out together and buy pizza.