All-Time Favorite Pet

Persian kittens are long haired breed cat that is characterized by its shortened muzzle and round face. The name Persia is name in Iran where similar cats are founded. It has a variety of coat colors and is created by a flat faced. In Britain, they are called Persian Longhair. These cats have an extremely long and thick coat, with short legs and wide head. The ears are set apart with large ears and shortened muzzle. This cat is common in a home because a lot of people like to take care of them or even dress them. They have color markings including pointed ball, golden color, tortoiseshell, tabby and blue.

A Persian kitten is described as a quite cat. They adapt well in an apartment life. They have the qualities which are closeness and affection to owners, cleanliness, predictability, friendliness towards a stranger and fuzziness over food. Other people breed kittens for health, temperament and beauty. Some prove this cat as their angels because of its adorable little fir-faces.

The Perfect Imperfect Moment

Who would have thought that I would enjoy your company this much? Honestly when you were first introduced to me as my new cheap music shop, I wanted to strangle our mutual friend. I didn’t like how you look or act. I never thought that my first impression would change in a heartbeat.

I remember you singing to my favorite song while playing your guitar. I never told you about that song but I get the feeling that you know how much I like the song so you continued playing it for me. How I wish I could capture that moment in a video clip so I can watch it every time I miss you. That night was one of the most perfect moment of my imperfect life.

Lock Out Day

The new office has three master keys that hold the key to the office door. One time, all three of them are arriving late. The first one is usually arrive the earliest suddenly sick, so he can’t go to the office. I and my co-workers are standing in front of the door looking like lost puppies who can’t find its mother. About several minutes later, the second key master arrived. Our hopes are raised because finally, we can go to the office. But, unfortunately, he also didn’t bring the key, because he said that usually the first person is opening the door every day.

All of us are making the floor as our chairs. The other workers from different office are staring at us. Every time the elevator opens up in our floor, there are claps around just to greet the upcoming worker. Finally, after being locked for about 45 minutes, the third person brings the key.

My Uncle is My Inspiration

My uncle made a lot of money. According to him, he was exploited by syndicates in his younger years. He has nothing to show for it. But fortunately, he’s starting to change his path now. He wants to only work as a role models and financial heroes to younger people. He’s no longer interest in dealing with bad people.

He’s now planning to build a website that will teach people how to get money with music. He bought exceptional fender blues deluxe reissue to start with. Actually, he’s also my inspiration. Even some people don’t like where he started, I personally think he’s a very nice man and the world needs more people like him. Even many people judged him, he doesn’t care, what’s important to him is to make this world a better place.

I Had an Incredible Yard Sale

I had my first lawn sale yesterday. I’m only 21and it made me think like I’m a real adult. I think this was the healthiest, most fun, and pleasing thing I’ve done in a while. It was such a nice way of getting rid of stuff, and it was fun to meet all the different kind of people that come to these things!

I think I systematized a great sale, I’m just disappointed that I had to let go of the new aandf at Guitar Center that my boyfriend asked me to do since he wants to quit his band already. But it still feel a good riddance, doing new things in his life and I help him with it.