My Facebook Friend’s Mobile Addiction

The serial releases of smart phones that’s recently been flooding the market, provide mobile users some new range of choices, new possibility of mobile upgrades and for some new mobile models to drool (forgive my pun, couldn’t find another more suitable word) on. Well the mobile companies are in a race of who among them could first come up with better and more innovative gadgets. Samsung and Apple are the current race leaders though Nokia is not far behind.

One friend in Facebook I noticed was more active a few months before the end of the first school’s term, don’t know when theirs would end but still it was way too early, and I he was in his third year at the university. His frequent posts made me notice but mycuriosity had not been seethingto question him about it. A month later one friend spilled the beans, that friend is no longer schooling.

He stopped schooling because of financial reasons, hissupport was scratched by his sister because she couldn’t afford his fancies anymore. He always have a yen for the latest mobile phone available, he wants his phone changed as often as new models become available in the market; the brand depends on his whim. His family often asked him, what it is with new and latest mobile that makes you insufferable.

He won’t stop his hankering until his family gave in to his desires. They found the process irritating. Just recently he’s been posting photos of the Samsung S IV before he posted as his status the death of his latest iPhone.

I Love Rain

I am from the Philippines. There are only two seasons in my country – dry and rainy season. The rainy season usually starts in September. This is also the time of the year when typhoons come. But forget the typhoons, I never liked them. Who does? What I love is just a light to moderate drizzle.

From the balcony, I watch the adults walk with their umbrellas while the children ecstatically jump and play in the rain. And me? I am seated on a chair, got myself a hot cup of coffee. I am enjoying the cool air and letting the sound of the rain work its magic and calm me. This is a free therapy! I live in the city and fresh air is impossible. But right at this moment, I can inhale the fresh air that comes with the rain.

Some people think that rainy days are gloomy and sad. Well, not for people like me who find peace and joy in this type of weather.

P.S. I love you

Holly is left to fend for herself after her husband, Gerry, died of brain tumor. The death brought her so much depression she started withdrawing from her family and friends. She has lost the will to live. Gerry was everything to her. He understood her more than anybody did. She loved him more than anything else. After a while of sulking, she starts receiving letters from Gerry. Letters with tasks she was asked to accomplish. The letters were the ones who guided her to the future. She later moved on and even started a successful shoe business.

Based on the novel with the same title by Cecilia Ahern, the movie P.S. I Love You tells us a story about great love and moving on. It tells us that the death of a loved one is not the end of our lives as well. People come and go. Once they go, we can’t do anything about it. We won’t forget them. Our memories of them will always be treasured. But we should not dwell on it too much. We always have to move forward. It’s the only way to go.

Party Ideas—the Hollywood Way

Do you want to give your child the best party in town? Get some ideas from celebrities! Surprisingly, these parties are not as lavish as you think. Some Hollywood stars tend to celebrate birthdays in an extraordinary and very entertaining way.

Thinking of a house party? Kelly Rutherford celebrated her daughter’s first birthday in their home in Los Angeles. It’s not pricey but it can be as memorable. You can also prepare exciting activities just like what Brooke Shields did for her daughter Grier’s fourth birthday. She rented out a craft studio for art activities and kiddie games. If you think of having an outside celebration, you can do it at the beach like Minnie Driver’s party for her son Henry.

Hard-Working People Always Get Rewards

Sounds pretty obvious, yes, people who strive harder are the ones who get the bigger chance to get the reward they always expecting to. It would be ridiculous if the bonus of life would be given to the lazy people, it would much tolerate them to do nothing and push their tardiness in the higher level.

Hard-workers are just the person who reflects their desire to achieve and reach for their goals. They have always the bigger drive to accomplish well and early their tasks in able to do more for the particular time. A person who belongs to the topic is more likely the ones who handle the biggest responsibility in their household. Being a hard worker often uses their families as their inspirations. The sweet reward would always be at its best because it is the real fruit of their performance. Living with great dreams is an inch away if the effort of making your dream come to life is doubled.