Lucky to have trendy Sister In-laws

My sister in-laws are Shelly and Nancy who are the trendiest people I know. I am lucky because whenever they give me gifts I suddenly turn into a fashionistas like them. Nancy is Jeff’s eldest sister, the Ate who loves to shop. I get mostly American brands like Victoria Secret lotions and perfumes. Her taste level for clothes are also very stylish so I get to own nice printed blouses that I wouldn’t normally wear, but once I do I thank the stars for giving her as my sweet new sister.

Shelly is from France and comes home to visit the Philippines every two years. Just like her older sister, she has this eye for shopping for great bags, shoes and clothes. She gives me these nice branded bags that ranges from the chic Chanel bags to Esprit bags that are huge and very me. Her choice for clothes are more my style but between the two of them I couldn’t care less which ones a better stylist. Both have given me so much to feel like a baby sister.

The Rainy Season is upon us

In the Philippines—and most of Asia—there are only two seasons: wet and dry. The dry season usually lasts from March until July. During this season, the heat can be almost unbearable! A person can turn on the AC plus two gigantic electric fans at once and still be perspiring from the hellish heat. However, most teens and young adults prefer the dry season because there’s no school (summer vacation!), which means they get to spend more time to relax and have fun.

The other one, which is the wet season, usually lasts from August to February. It’s a refreshing break from the heat—it rains almost every day during this period. The problem is, because of the climate change, the seasons seem to have mixed up and even during the supposedly dry season, heavy rains and even typhoons are already becoming a common occurrence. It’s worse during the wet season; flooding everywhere because of the nonstop rain, which results to power shortages and suspension of work.

Not all real estate is in bad condition

My mother Ann always made a living out of real estate, and like the majority of people who had that lifestyle she also suffered with the economic crisis when the bubble burst and millions of dollars were lost and many people ended up with assets that kept losing their value as the time went by.

One day my mom found out bal harbour real estate and with her know how she started capitalizing her knowledge in real estate and start recovering the money that was lost in the economic crisis. Not all real estate is losing money; it’s just a matter of knowing where to find the best opportunities for this business.

Laugh Out Loud Once A Day

My brother said that when I laugh it is really loud. He said to be careful with someone else because maybe that someone won’t get use to my laughing. Well, I love a good laugh, especially after watching a good comedic movie. I don’t laugh often. So, I want to smile at least once or twice a day. A smile can keep some illness away, right?

People live happier life with laughing than worrying. I just wish that I can laugh out loud every day. That’s why I want someone that can make me laugh every day for my companion. I don’t think I can live my life without laughing. You can transfer laugh from one person to another. A good comedian can produce laugh from his audience in an instant. That’s why I prefer comedy movie more than a horror movie because I can laugh all I want until my stomach hurts.

A Feast for your Ears

During the recent music festival, my friend who is the producer of the said event asked help to set up the entire concert place. The first thing that she asked me to do is to set up the paf from musicians friend. Setting up the equipment isn’t hard to do but the timing of the chore isn’t the best.

Fortunately after all the fuss with the musical instruments and equipment, the festival pushed through. I was happy with the end result of the entire program nonetheless. On the other hand my friend isn’t that pleased saying that there are tons of things that could have gone wrong with the kind of preparation that we had. But everyone who went to the event had fun.